Stories from Readers

When I visit a school, I sometimes ask each student to come up with two characters and two locations--and then to write a story about these characters in these locations. I promise to publish these stories on the website if students send me their work.

The following funny, inventive story comes from Ethan, who's in a 3rd- and 4th-grade class at St. Paul Academy.

Fantasy Land

Josh and I were waiting.

“Where’s your friend?” Josh said.

“He should be here any minute, now lower your voice,” I whispered in a slightly harsh way.

“You sure the email your mom sent didn’t say ‘Farmes and Noble’ instead of ‘Barnes and Noble’,” he said.

“There’s no such thing now hush up,” I whispered. I found a book called “The Hobbit” and I tried to read the prologue, but it was in Elvish. It looked like this: ∫˜˙©ƒ∂∂´ƒ ∆©¥†√˙∂. Over and over again.

“Is that him?” Josh asked. It surely was, but my reply was, “Ooooo somebody got a buzz cut.”

“He seems cool,” Josh said approvingly. Josh didn’t know Philip not only because Josh was a year younger, but also because me and Philip go to SPA and Josh goes to Blake.

“Hey Ethan. I presume you are Josh, nice to meet you,” Philip said and shook hands with Josh.

“Sorry I am late Ethan. You gave me the right address but the wrong name,” Philip said. Josh gave me an annoyed look. “Hey guys,” Philip said.

“What,” I said.

“What’s that weird portal thingy,” Philip asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Then lets go find out,” Josh said.

We jumped in. We were swirling around and around. “AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH” we all screamed. Then, “Ugggghh!” Josh said when he landed on his rear. “Tadaaa!” Philip said when he landed on his feet. “Ouch!” I said when I landed on my stomach. There were signs all over the place saying, “Welcome to Fantasy Land!”

“I guess we are at Fantasy Land,” Josh said.

“Wait a second, how do we get back?” Philip asked.

“If you want to leave you’ll have to go through me,” said a scary stranger.

“Guys you think that since we are in Fantasy Land all our wishes will come true?” I said.

“Only one way to find out!” Josh said.

“Ka me ha me haaa!!” I yelled.

A laser shot out of my hand. “Ahhhhh!” the stranger was hit by the laser.

“Kio ken!” yelled Josh. He elbowed the bad guy right in the face.

“Ouch! I’m going to kill you brats once and for…”

The man was cut off by Philip who said, “Not so fast! Distracto disk!” He threw a laser Frisbee and cut the man’s waist, and he dissolved.

“Oh yeah!” Philip said. The portal opened up and “poof” we were back home. But I assure you, that man will come back, and very, very soon.