Join Dizzy's Super Club

As you readers know, fourth-grader Debbie Fine doesn't have a great many friends. That means she, when flying the skies as Dizzy Fantastic, needs to save the world on her own. It's up to you to change this: join her Super Club and help her protect the good people in your town.

To join, write an e-mail to author Andy Hueller. You'll find him at  Make sure to include, in your e-mail, the following information:

1. Your superhero name.

2. Your superhero ability. (Think hard here. Make the ability personal. Think of Debbie Fine. She was already a strong, avid bike rider before she discovered she could fly. What do you already do well that will, when embellished, become your trademark super power?)

3. The name of the town you protect.

I'll add your superhero to this very website and together we'll strike fear into the hearts of bad people all over the globe!