Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Like the Coolest. Just the Coolest.

Today I visited rehearsal for the play Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle. This is the play I wrote the script for, adapting my book by the same title. It will be the first show at St. Paul Academy and Summit School's stunning new performing arts center.

I hope you'll attend. Shows are 7:00 on Friday, October 23rd and 4:00 on Saturday, October 24th. Admission will be free; seats, first come, first served.

You may be thinking, A school play? Could that be any good?

If you're thinking that, you've never seen a play put on at SPA. I'm lucky enough to teach English at a school whose theater program regularly produces remarkable shows. The actors are talented and dedicated; the directors are experienced and visionary.

So, anyway, I was at rehearsal today. And my goodness, is this thing shaping up. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life to sit with actors (students at our school!) and talk about where the characters in the show come from. This is my most personal book. Most of the characters are inspired by people in my life, and so I could get very specific as actors asked questions.

And then I got to watch them rehearse the first two-thirds or so of the show. To have actors speaking my words! Inhabiting characters I put on the page! Like the coolest. Just the coolest. I felt for one day like a big-time writer.

I hope the play makes you laugh. Maybe your heart will soar.

If it sounds like I myself am soaring tonight--if I'm brimming over (annoyingly) with self-congratulations--don't worry. My dog will eat one of my shoes or something tonight, I'm sure. 

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