Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great Writing Morning

Those close to me know I do my writing in the morning. In the morning, I don't feel the demands of being an adult (from work, from family and friends, from other commitments) so acutely. In the morning, I can find the kind of quiet that allows me to fall into the work of making sentences and stories.

Anyway, this morning was a great writing morning. They're not always (or usually) that way, so it's nice to take a moment to share this success. I've been plugging away at my current project, which will be a YA novel (if I ever finish it), for over a year--sometimes seven days a week, sometimes one, depending on what my brain is ready to give to this particular story. I just finished a chapter I like a lot.

So, uh, cheers to me? I realize at the end of this post that it is very self-congratulatory. Sorry.


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