Sunday, November 11, 2012

To the Presses!

On Friday morning, How I Got Rich Writing C Papers was sent to the printers. It's a book I'm awfully proud of. (Okay: I've been proud of all three of my books.) What began as a story and became my Master of Arts in Teaching capstone project is now a Young Adult novel--one that not only tells what I hope is a compelling story that will make you laugh but also teaches readers a thing or three about writing for school and anywhere else.

Anyway, the book's due to hit shelves (yours?) in January. You can preorder it here or here. I'm an English teacher, writer, and sentence-enthusiast, and so I've read an awful lot of books on writing. I don't think anything remotely similar to my new book elsewhere exists: A book about writing for young adults that is a work of fiction and, at the same time, often a no-holds-barred, ever-honest account of what it takes to write thoughtfully and engagingly. My hope, every step (word, sentence, page, what have you) of the way was to honor the creative but deliberate process from which our best writing comes.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I often did writing it.


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