Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Butcher: Another Winner

A couple days ago, I wrote about Bozzelli's, a small Italian place outside of Washington, D.C., that passed my Chipotle Burrito Test. For more on the formula I use to assess any eatery, see my previous post.

Today, my wife and I, now in New Orleans for her business, walked a couple blocks to a place called Cochon Butcher. It's a sandwich shop (and much more), and it was so busy it could barely hold all the people crammed between its walls. It was busy for good reason. For $11, I ate a lamb sandwhich with cucumbers, mint, and pepper aioli, plus a side of housemade potato chips. While this cost me more than a Chipotle burrito, it's in the ballpark, and while nothing tastes better than Chipotle, when do I ever get to eat a lamb sandwhich, a tender, juicy one at that? And housemade potato chips? We have another winner on our hands.


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