Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here 'tis!

Isn't that the purdiest book you ever saw? With the magic of technology--PDFs, JPEGs and the like--I had a strong idea what Skipping Stones would look like, but I didn't know the title would be raised, embossed gold. Thanks, Cedar Fort, for the beautiful cover and layout. Oh, and a blogger recently wrote something about the novel I have to share.

Blogger and fellow author Shannon O'Donnell wrote this:
Skipping Stones is the most lyrically written MG story I've read since Kathi Appelt's THE UNDERNEATH--almost musical at times. The story is totally original, the characters and setting are strange and unique, and the ending was not what I expected. When reading this story, there were times I wasn't sure what I was feeling; it almost needs to settle a while, like Thanksgiving dinner. By the end, I was a fan. Andy Hueller won me over with his unique style and storytelling ability!


See you all at the book release party at Glacier's Cafe on Sunday (or earlier, in Stillwater, at the Valley Bookseller).


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