Saturday, November 13, 2010

S-P-A All . . . the . . . way!

I'm lucky enough to teach at an incredible school--a place full of supportive, dedicated colleagues and enthusiastic students. I'm reminded of this every day as I plan and execute seventh- and ninth-grade English lesson plans (and one for the geography class I teach, too).

This week, my teaching and writing lives collided in an awfully special way.

I was one of the featured authors at the Lower School's Book Festival. This means I read the first chapter of Dizzy during Monday's assembly and then returned on Tuesday and Wednesday to present to and work with third, fourth, and fifth graders. I did my best to explain where ideas for my stories come from and how we all write most authentically and engagingly when writing about what we know. On Thursday evening, I was on hand to sign books.

The volunteers who organized this year's Book Festival worked awfully hard and put together a great event. Teachers at the Lower School--some of the supportive, dedicated colleagues I referred to earlier--welcomed me into their classrooms. And the kids, predictably, were marvelous. They asked awfully smart questions, and many began writing what will be terrific stories.

Thanks to all of you. You sure made me feel special.

Here's a picture of my wife standing next to the spectacular, bigger-than-life Dizzy Fantastic the kids constructed this fall to hang in the school's living room (yep--that's The Flash in Dizzy's pocket!):

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