Monday, August 23, 2010

Release Party Photos

Last week, I promised release party pictures. I'm a bit late, but here they be. Party-goers ate a Dizzy Fantastic cake, brought by my mother-in-law; played the Dizzy Fantastic Board Game; listened, attentively (or patiently?), as I read from Dizzy, fighting traffic and wind noise all the while; bought books, and had me sign them; and won prizesy. (See me and my pretty wife, Debbie, giving those prizes away? There were bookmarks, Angry Red Bees, and a signed copy of Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle.)

Below, see if you can spot my mom, a family full of some of my very favorite readers, and my twin brother Patrick, who's also a writer. You'll see Janet, too, my new favorite bookseller.
Thanks to every family member, friend, and reader who came out. And gargantuan thanks to Ben Smith and Glaciers Cafe, who hosted the event. I know all involved had wonderful time.

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  1. Andy and Debbie your beautiful wife my wonderful daughter I loved every minute of the release party. Would not have missed it for anything.