Sunday, June 13, 2010

DF Available for Pre-Order!

Friends, Family, and Dizzy Fantastic Readers (including those who are all three):

I noticed today, as I explored this magical space called the Interweb, that Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle is available for pre-order. You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders. You'll find links on the right side of the screen.

Amazon and Borders say the release date is August 8th; Barnes and Noble says it's August 28th. We can all agree, at least, that August is the month.

If you type "Andy Hueller Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle" into a Google search, you'll see the book available in a bunch of other countries and currencies, too.

Even if you're planning to buy the book in a real bookstore or aren't planning to buy it at all, you may want to take a look. I think it's pretty darn cool, anyway. Honestly, now that I've finished my final proof, it all feels kinda surreal.


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